It Starts Here

The job was posted last October, I got my stuff together (Ash and I spending ages writing and re-writing a cover letter) and I got it out the door.  I hear back a month later that I will be interviewed as part of the first round.  Tick Tock, Tick Tock.  I get a call a month later at 22.30.

“Niall we are ready for the interview, why have you not dialled in.”

“Hmmm” I quickly figure out who is on the other line.

“but I haven’t heard a word from anyone since my last interview”

We sort it all out and I interview.  A month later I got the job and I’m Bhutan Bound.  Did I think I’d get it when I applied, not a hope. How was I when was eventually offered it……mixed emotions really.  Very excited, exactly what I want to do but leaving Ash, after moving to New York only 8 months ago to live together, pretty sad. I wanted to be over the moon but I couldn’t.

Its too good an opportunity to miss but that won’t make it any the easier.

So I get my crap together, woolly socks (check), hiking boots (check), thermal knickers (a must).  I’m meant to leave March 5th, flying New York to London, London to New Delhi, New Delhi to Paro (Bhutan).  I researched last week and found I will need a visa to enter India as when I get to the airport I have to leave the transit area to get my bags off the carousel  to check in for the next flight.  This is turning out to be a mission.  You have to wait until 15 days before you travel to India to get a transit visa.  I applied last Monday at the visa office here in New York.  Wait time for processing ……two weeks, the lady said I should have it by tomorrow.  If not I have to reschedule my flight.

Bhutan Bound…….Maybe not just yet.

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4 thoughts on “It Starts Here

  1. lanus says:

    awesome stuff mate, i’ve put it in my daily reading list so keep em coming … x L

  2. Joe Morgan says:

    good stuff Niall – I will be sure to follow the adventure….

  3. Betty says:

    Interesting country looking forward to hearing all about the experience

  4. oksana says:

    hey! reading was my maine entertenment in my boring country ….I read hundreds book and I have to say you write VERY intresting….nice style, intresting stories….will read!

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