Pigss do fly

In Bhutan at least.  Seriously! Fact! True!

I have come across them on many occasions.  How high were they….pretty damn high!

Too much of the wacky backy had left them like Cheech and Chong, these guys were so stoned there wasn’t even a grunt out of them.  On my walk to work I pass by so much weed, and by weed I mean marijuana, growing wild everywhere.  You can’t go five meters without seeing the stuff (and this is in the middle of the city).  It’s funny that in a country where it grows literally as a weed, they have a prescription drugs problem.  And as its growth is so widespread, it is collected and promptly fed to pigs.  This may explain the ridiculous amounts of fat which you find when you order pork here.  It comes to the table diced and sliced into large pieces, about 1cm meat and 5cm of fat.  I am not joking; I actually can’t eat much of it, the thoughts of eating that much fat turns me off and there is not much that is edible that can do that.

The Bhutanese however, love the stuff.  May be like the pigs strict weed diet, it is somehow affecting me. What do they feed the chickens and cows?  Or maybe by not eating enough of the pork I’m missing out some of its possible medicinal properties?
Medicinal properties you ask!!? Well, I have managed to knock off an impressive 11kg over the last three months aided and abetted by a few under-the-weather-moments.  While the food is good, the quality of meat can sometimes be hit or miss and therefore my appetite has taken a beating over the weeks.  Being a good boy, I haven’t been tempted to overcome my reduced appetite with ‘the munchies’!

Perhaps I’m just a little too adventurous with the food – or not adventurous enough! Of course this will be hard for any of you to believe knowing my penchant for food; in fact, I imagine you find this news distressing.  You’ll be glad to know its holy month here…again and I was recently informed that there are four a year and so no meat is sold.  Jazus.

All I can say is, Bhutan gives a whole new meaning to ‘happy as pig in shit’!

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3 thoughts on “Pigss do fly

  1. ann says:

    But have you tried the brownies?

  2. Maria says:

    uhmmmm 🙂

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